Wax Ya Danny’s was founded in 2019 by Jenny, who after working for years planning and organising activities for all ages, saw the idea and wanted to bring it to South Yorkshire to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy.

The business name, Wax Ya Danny’s comes from Jenny’s children in memory of their Nanan who now lives with dementia. She would always refer to their hands as Dannys when they were young children.

How does it work?

The whole process of making the mould takes approx 3 minutes:


1) Baby lotion is applied to the hand

2) The hand gesture/position is chosen such as thumbs up, peace sign - just use your imagination to create any shape you wish

3) The hand is held in their chosen position and then immersed in cool water then into the lukewarm liquidised wax. Most people describe this as an amazing feeling

4) Repeat the process several times and the mould is made.

5) The mould is easily removed carefully from the hand

Then it’s design time, the colours are chosen, and the wax mould is decorated.

The wax hands can also be created using props from our collection such as a ball, flower or stickers to make it even more personalised.

The hand mould is then placed into a bag to take home with information on how to take care of your wax hand.


Wax-ya-dannys hotline: 07501 159473

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Wax Ya Danny’s Hotline - 07501 159473