What is Wax Ya Danny’s?

Wax Ya Danny’s aims to add something special and different to any occasion. It’s a lasting memory, an activity that enables anyone to take part in creating a colourful hand sculpture in any hand pose in just 3 minutes.

It’s a personalised souvenir and an opportunity to make wonderful memories of any occasion. Parents often have their child’s hand done each year so they can see how it grows over time. We are fully insured and safety is our priority.

Are there any educational benefits?

Yes, it encourages a child's development allowing them to safely explore science as they experience liquid wax solidify into solid wax to create their wax mould.

Their creative and artistic development is encouraged as they explore different colours and watch colour changes taking place when different colours are combined.

Is it safe for children?

Yes. We use a wax specially designed for this purpose. It is similar to a wax treatment you would receive at a spa. It can be therapeutic for your skin too!

Can it melt?

Yes if left in very warm places. We recommend avoiding direct sunlight. Also do not store on a window sill or anywhere that might get hot.

Be careful of leaving it the car too, as it can get very hot inside a car during warm weather. Keeping it in a cool place is best.

Any other tips?

Yes, be careful with your finished hand - it-s fragile like an egg so do not stretch it, squeeze it or try to wear it like a glove (often first thing people go to do is try to put it back on the hand this results in it cracking). We also sell a preservation kit which we recommend buying to preserve it.

Where can I get one?

Why not book a party for a birthday or special occasion or get-together. You can also follow us on Facebook and see where our events are being held. We can mainly be found around the South Yorkshire area.

Wax-ya-dannys hotline: 07501 159473

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Wax Ya Danny’s Hotline - 07501 159473